Labour Management and Supplementation

Provincial Cleaning Services and Supply offers a temporary labour contract service system to meet your staffing needs. Assessing your current labour strategy, Provincial can offer an on-site, efficient, cost-effective workforce of high performance low-skilled workers. Our high consideration for individual and team-performance, along with monitoring and reporting of employees allows a seamless integration of our workforce into yours. Respecting your company’s procedures, policies and objectives is top priority to Provincial management and staff.

Allow Provincial to fulfil your labour needs.

  • - Waste management labour
  • - Line and cell personnel
  • - Piece workers
  • - Inventory control personnel
  • - Quality control inspection
  • - Paint and Palin system monitors
  • - Medical restriction aides

Allow us to assist you in creating an adaptive, productive, positive workforce and environment within your facility. We invite you to contact us regarding your needs for labour management and supplementation.

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