Recycling Garbage Management

Provincial Cleaning Service and Supplies is a leader in providing an integrated process for recycling resource management and waste disposal solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors throughout the London region. Along with traditional garbage and recycling collection of administrative areas, washrooms and production floors, Provincial can provide trained staff to handle your industrial waste. Through cardboard collection and compaction, skid and pallet collection, waste diversion as well as the transportation of dangerous goods throughout your facility Provincial can be a partner in industrial waste reduction. Providing arrangement of waste cart, bin and dumpster contacts allows a seamless solution to waste management services. Provincial employees are experienced with compactors of various sizes and uses as well as binding procedures and the transportation of waste onsite with the use of Lift Trucks and Mo-Tracs vehicles.

Provincial staff members are trained in cost-effective and eco-friendly chemical spill containment and clean-up. Provincial employees are qualified in blood-bourne pathogen safety and proper disposal of biohazard waste according to government regulation and public safety initiatives. We also have a diversified knowledge of flammable product handling, storage and disposal procedures.

We not only handle your waste and recyclables as ecologically friendly as possible, but our use of eco-friendly cleaners and solvents allows us to handle our waste responsibly as well. The use of our renewable resource derived and biodegradable products, where possible, limits environmental impact and adverse reactions to workers while increasing employee safety, morale, air quality as well as aiding in limiting the spread of illness.

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